西川 登偉 / Toui Nishikawa

Medical student / Engineer


Graduated from Seifu nankai high school


Wkayama medical university faculty of medicine (2018-2024)
inochi WAKAZO project core member
Susanos project member
inochi gakusei forum mentor


GramEye hardware engineer


wakayama medical univiersity Human pathology MD-PhD course


meddicmeida Q-Assist teachear
"Seminar of programing for medical students"



Artificial intelligence

JDLA deep learning for engineer

JDLA deep learning for general

Certification by Japan medical AI conference

Python 3 Basic Grammar Certification


Please see "Works" !


HTML/CSS javascript PHP


Java / Swift


Microsoft certificated Azure Fundamentals

AWS certified cloud practitioner

3D cad

Please see "Works" !

Financial management

  The official Business Skill test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade
3rd grade Certified Slilled Professional of Finantial Plannning

Statistical analysis

R programing


Photo-master 1st Grade


Photoshop creater Expert

illustrator creator Expert



Aikido (martial arts)
Scuba diving
Snow board
A license to operate small boats in Japan
Photo-master level 1 (highest)
Japan Beer Sommelier
Palm reader

<club / circle>
Science club robot team(J.H.S.& H.S.)
Aikido club (Univ.)
preventive medicine circle (Univ.)
USMLE circle(Univ.)
clinical skills circle (Univ.)


1. Medical & Health care

2016 (H.S. 2nd)
Healthcare devise
#prototype #cardiac disease #idea contests

prototype of health care devise for cardiac disease with companies. We won idea contest (inochi gakusei forum for H.S. students).

2018 (Uni. 1st)
inochi gakusei project
#group management #education #AMR

core member of inochi WAKAZO progject. member of Susanos project. / I held "TECHDAY" in which H.S. and Uni. students lean about technology.

2019 (Uni. 2nd)
Medical devise
#hardware #bisiness #gram stain

Automated machine of Gram staining and Artificial intelligence for detecting bacteria stained by Gram staining.  

2019 HackU Outstanding performance award / Healthcare Venture KNOT2019 supernova champion / Keio healthcare and medical venture Award(for student) champion、sony startup acceleration program award、LINK-J Keio award / Osaka tech grand prix Rohto award、Pioneer Corporation award

2020 - 2021 (Uni. 3rd, 4th)
AI × Human pathology
#AI #research #pathology

Research about artificial intelligence in pathology at Wakayama medical university faculty of Human pathology. I got Kinoshita Memorial Foundation Scholarship because of good grades.

2022 (Uni. 5th)
Programing seminar
#programing #Q-Assist # education

Programing seminar in "Q-Assist prime of meddicmedia(c)" which many japanese medical students subscribe.



1. Toui Nishikawa, Ryuta Iwamoto, MD, Ibu Matsuzaki, MHSc, Fidele Yambayamba Musangile, MD, Ayata Takahashi, Yurina Mikasa, MD, Yuichi Takahashi, MD, Fumiyoshi Kojima, MD, PhD, Shin-ichi Murata, MD, PhD, Pathologic Image Classification of Flat Urothelial Lesions Using Pathologic Criteria-Based Deep Learning, American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 2022;, aqac117, https://doi.org/10.1093/ajcp/aqac117
(I wrote this at Uni. 3rd, IF 5.40(2021))

2. Nishikawa T, Matsuzaki I, Iwamoto R, F.Y.Musangile, Sagan K, Nishikawa M, Mikasa Y, Takahashi Y, Kojima F, Murata S. Use of artificial intelligence for the interpretable prediction of the pathological diagnosis and molecular abnormalities of flat urothelial lesions. The American Journal of Pathology. 2022 (in press) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajpath.2022.09.013
(H-index ranking of the journal is 1st, IF 5.77(2021))

+ writing one manuscript now

Awards etc.

1. 2020 Kinoshita Memorial Foundation Scholarship
2. 2022 50th Wakayama association of malignant tumor best award
    (first student to get this award)
3. 2022 Single cell genomics japan 2022
    bioinfomatics Hackathon best award


2. Technology

2014 Osaka tournament champion
2014 Kansai tournament second place
2015 Osaka tournament champion
2015 Kansai tournament champion
2015 Japan open 7th place
2016 Osaka tournament champion
2016 Osaka tournament presentation award
2016 Kansai tournament champion
2016 Japan open 4th place
2017 Kansai open champion
2017 Hanshin tournament champion
2017 Japan open 5th place

〈WRO(World Robot Olympia)〉
2015 Osaka special recognition award
2016 Osaka tournament champion

Robocup junior
Robot for rescue in maze。I have built a robot for 5 years.

WRO (World Robot Olympia)
Robot contest using Lego mindstorm. Alma mater's first victory。

Prototype of healthcare devise
healthcare devise for cardiac disease. Chanpion in the competision for H.S. students. Second place in the world competision for H.S. and Uni. students.

TEPIA Challenge subsidized project
Presentation in TEPIA Advanced Technology Museum and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

LINE bot -traveler's diarrhea-
Automated application for clinical interview, diagnosis, creationg of prescription and search of local pharmacy. Angelhack Osaka 2018 champion / LINE award/ bloomy award。

Automated machine of Gram staining
Automating Gram staining(the staining method of bacteria). We won many business competision

Gram Eye application prototype
Artificial intelligence for detecting bacteria stained by Gram staining.

"Sandanbeki" -suicide prevention-
Suicide prevention using blue light at famous place of suicide. Mentor of this project. Published in many media.


3. Glocal

WAKA×YAMA(student organization)
first student organization in wakayama prefecture。

field work in Thailand
Research about "Antimicrobial Resistance". Interview with research facilities of infectious disease, hospitals and citizens.

field work in Korea -suicide prevention-
Research about "suicide prevention". Interview with sudents and professor of 仁荷(inha)university

G1 college × WAKAYAMA
G1 college:A summit for next generation leaders.

Association for developmental support
Poster presentation "Effects of a problem-solving educational program on developmental disorders for junior and senior high school students"